Pet Sitting


PET SITTING - visits to your pet(s) in their own home


Cats - 20 minutes from £7.50

Includes a feed, water refresh, cuddle, litter tray change and clean up

Weekly rate - 7 days for the price of 6 if you have 2 visits per day


Small and furries - 20 minutes from £7.50

Includes a feed, water refresh and clean up


Puppies and dog pop-in visits - 30 minutes from £8

15 minutes to play at home, feed, refresh water etc, plus a 15 minute walk to get some fresh air and exercise (and use the loo!). Good to break up the time if you are out



In the case of multiple pets at home requiring attention, a quote will be given upon consultation



All time frames and descriptions are as a guide only - if you would prefer a longer visits or other specific task, please ask


*Prices may be subject to a small mileage charge depending on where you are.



PLEASE NOTE I'm not currently able to offer live-in house sitting or home boarding, although I will be working towards boarding in the future

If you are away from home, the following are included in the service;

Indoor plant watering,

Collecting post,

Opening / closing curtains,

Turning lights on / off,

Putting out the bins for collection,

Topping up basic bird feeders,

I'm also happy to get a pint of milk for you to ensure you can enjoy a cuppa when you get back!